Tu te tus

Tu te tus is a situationist performance in which the Brussels Police Band walks silently around the space, the musicians following a choreography with their instruments, one based on military drill, which is inaudible to the public. - Agnès Violeau

Performance at Experienz 2 - 18-21/04 at Wiels/Brussels (org.: Nathalie Guiot, cur.: Agnès Violeau)

(...) Back in the foyer space, the Brussels Police Band assembled in full regalia, and proceeded to march slowly through the space, in Antonio Contador’s Tu Te Tus (2013). Though all carried their instruments, the only sound was from a lone snare drum, which kept time. I followed as they left the building and marched around the back of the art centre, the tuba player being a particular source of anticipation from my point of view, as each time he took a breath I thought he might play. They boarded a waiting bus in the car park and drove away. - Laura McLean-Ferris (Frieze blog)