Coordination - Seminar on noise in contemporary art / ESAD, Caldas da Rainha/Portugal

In the book The Tuning of the World, R. Murray Shafer talks about the definition of music as socially desirable set of sounds. By contrast, noise defines a set of socially undesirable sounds. Music defines the sounds that we understand and validate. On the other hand, noise is relate to the otherness. In Bruits, essai sur l'économie politique de la musique, Jacques Attali speaks of music as artistic space harbinger of great political and social changes in Western societies. In this sense, it is preceded by its noise. Therefore, the definition of music seems to presuppose the existence of noise. The aim of Ruidoso (Noisy) seminars is to problematize the noise as a sign of conflict within the multipolar scope of contemporary portuguese art. - Antonio Contador

︎ 12/04: Joao Peste (musician) , Rui Gomes (sociologist) - pics 1, 2
︎ 19/04: Vitor Belanciano (journalist), Luisa Soares de Oliveira (journalist) - pics 3 to 5
︎ 26/04: Natxo Checa (head of ZDB gallery), Mário Caeiro (prof. and curator) - pic 6
︎ 10/05: Joao Tita Vinagre (prof. and designer), Miguel Soares (artist) - pics 7 to 10
︎ 17/05: Joao Paulo Feliciano (artist, musician), Rafael Toral (musician) - pics 11 to 13