Revisiting Ernesto de Sousa in Kassel
Residency and Workshop at Laboratório de Curadoria / Curators Lab, Guimarães (cur.: Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Lígia Afonso) (w/ Filipa Ramos)

In their residency and workshop, António Contador and Filipa Ramos tried to relive the experience of Ernesto de Sousa - multifaceted man of culture and a key figure of the Portuguese artistic scene - during his visit to Documenta 5 in 1972. A large number of slides - taken by Ernesto to the exhibition, its artists, visitors and works - remain from this journey. These images were brought to Guimarães and were observed, commented and discussed, offering a series of clues and ideas about the exhibition in Kassel - rediscovered through the documentarian gaze of Ernesto de Sousa - and about the value and importance of this event to de De Sousa's thought and cultural initiatives. This collective experience, alongside with some images shown during the week, were shared through an expanded conversation at the end of the workshop.

"Revisiting Ernesto de Sousa in Kassel" publication (pdf)︎